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Nomapro enters into an agreement for distribution in the Mediterranean Sea

A milestone for both companies, which have significant ambitions for growth in the market

Nomapro has signed an agreement with the Turkish company Octo Aqua for the distribution of products to central parts of the Mediterranean area.

The seafood and aquaculture industry is growing strongly and we are now taking a position in a market that has great potential and which is in great demand for the technological solutions and products we have in our product portfolio.

Exciting times ahead
The agreement came into place during one of Turkey's largest aquaculture fairs, Future Fish Eurasia. Nomapro was present with several products and after the fair there was no doubt that the products are popular and they received a lot of attention. Several requests and orders have already been placed and it is expected that between 10-20 nanoICE products will be delivered in the first year.

We have worked hard to get the agreement in place, and we are very happy that we now have an agreement that both parties are satisfied with, says managing director Asbjørn Tøssebro.

With a wide range of products within cooling solutions, cameras, lights, software, measurement of biomass and products for the ring side of aquaculture, we will be able to be a supplier that can be present in several places in the value chain. The product portfolio meets tomorrow's needs in an industry that makes strict demands on reliability and quality.

The areas covered by the agreement for distribution are the surrounding countries around the Mediterranean Territory, the Black Sea Territory, the Caspian Sea and the Middle East Territory. In sum, these are large areas and affect many markets, and will open up new opportunities and further growth for Nomapro. More details about the territories further down in the article.

We look forward to an exciting year with the emergence of new and exciting opportunities for growth and development of products for an industry that is concerned with quality, sustainability and innovation

Key products
Products such as ice machines from nanoICE were very well received in Turkey when Nomapro and Octo Aqua were represented at one of Turkey's largest aquaculture fairs. In addition to a wide range of products, Nomapro is also a distributor of ROVs from Mariscope, and can combine a wide selection of underwater vessels with many of the other products such as cameras, lights and technology to work with parts of the aquaculture industry.

Good cooling solutions for the industry both in Turkey and surrounding areas are in demand and many now see the great advantage of nanoICE's machines that make both super-cooled water and ice. With the nanoICE products, you can supercool the products throughout the value chain, so that they are fresh, but not frozen, and the customer is thus given a better quality product, the manufacturer a higher yield and more time is created to distribute the products. In the search for sustainable solutions, nanoICE will be a significant contribution to the fishing industry in the areas where Octo Aqua operates.

The Nomapro team

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Distributor Exclusive Territory

The Mediterranean Sea Territory:
Turkiye and the nearby Mediterranean Sea surrounding countries from Italy in the North-west to Algeria in the South-west. Morocco, Spain and France are excluded from “The Distributor” Mediterranean Sea Territory.

The Black Sea Territory:
Turkiye and the nearby Black Sea surrounding countries including Russia. However, the part of Russia North and east of the city of Saratov is excluded from “The Distributor” Black Sea Territory.

The Caspian Sea Territory:
Turkiye and the nearby Caspian Sea surrounding countries including Russia. However, the part of Russia North and east of the city of Saratov is excluded from “The Distributor” Black Sea Territory.

The Middle East Territory:
Turkiye and the nearby Middle East Countries Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia

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