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Well underway with testing and scaling for the Mediterranean market

Octo Aqua, as a distributor of nanoICE in the Mediterranean area, is now well underway with testing and scaling systems out on the market in Turkey. Here, part of the main purpose is to achieve temperature control and early cooling of round fresh fish before processing due to the hot climate

Hot and cold, side by side

The hot climate in Turkey and the production of fresh salmon can be a challenge and due to the warm water the fish live in, there are challenges with a high initial temperature of the fish right from the start.

The aim is to bring the temperature down as early as possible, and for that, good solutions, procedures and equipment are needed that give processors and producers the tools they need.

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Storing i tubs

As seen in the pictures above, with nanoICE you can pre-fill tubs with ice, and since nanoICE is liquid, you can put the fish directly in the tubs without needing any manual work and shoveling of ice. The ice in the tubs already maintains a temperature of between -3 and -2,5 degrees. As the fish absorbs the heat and the ice melts, you add a little more to maintain the core temperature when it stabilizes at between 0 and 3 degrees.

Longer shelf life

From the outset, we know through trials that nanoICE has a far higher degree of cooling per kg of fish than, for example, flake ice, which is the most common thing today. nanoICE absorbs heat 3-4 times faster and more efficiently and the cooling effect is much smoother. There is also less bacterial growth when stored in nanoICE. *See report

Since the ice can be pumped with pumps from ice storage tanks or smaller pumps that can be used between tubs and boxes, this gives a great deal of flexibility in the areas of use that the process workers face on a daily basis.

nanoICE has developed a protocol for cooling through four steps from Catch to Plate and how to optimize the benefits of nano-ice. If you adhere to this, you are guaranteed a successful result in the process that will give the user greater control and flexibility, increased durability and quality and thus consequently greater yield .

See the protocol here:
Principal usage guideline for nano-ice

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