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Underwater LED light for fishnetts.


  • 110.000 Lumen Under Water Light each
  • More than 200 lumen/watt system efficacy
  • Expected life span more than 100.000 Hrs
  • Low weight – 5 Kg
  • Complete system supplied with 4 to 6 lamps and waterproof stainless steel control cabinet
  • Real time monitoring of status (green, yellow & red dots) in the control system
  • Remote visible status indicator (green, yellow, red) on the control cabinet at site
  • Real time monitoring and control of vital lamps functions and performance
  • No IP Addresse - Simple and trouble free installation and operation of advanced systems
  • Integrated GPS module in the control cabinet
  • Easy installation of cables – plug & play!
  • No sharp edges
  • Easy maintenance
  • Pressure tested to 120 meters
Lampe bunn

Aqua 1000 HPW

High-pressure washer for vessels & aquaculture industry

Our washing units are mainly adapted for vessels and aquaculture industry, but are also sustainable for construction-, maritime-, agriculture- and food sector.

When the cleaning performance of conventional high-pressure washers is no longer enough, our Aqua 1000 is a way to go. Aqua 1000 HPW has a diesel powered - and features water-cooled engine.

This robust maritime high-pressure washer is a perfect choice for professional use. It can withstand challenging climate and rough working environment, thanks to an innovative construction without radiators. Besides that, both the engine, gears and pumps are covered in high quality marine coating, making it even more durable and resistant.

Aqua 1000 can run on both sea or fresh water.

Aqua 1000 HPW nettside
Aqua 1000 HPW 002

Technical data

  • Working pressure (bar/MPa)
    Bar 200, 38L/min
  • Fuel
  • Motor type
    Beta 30 ( Kubota )
  • Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm)
  • Weight without accessories (kg)
  • Weight with accessories (kg)

Aqua 1000 RPW

Rope and pipe washer

Our pipe washer is designed to flush ropes, hoses and pipes on the outside. Due to the high-water pressure and the right degree of nozzles, the Aqua 1000 pipe washer will ensure propulsion itself. Disassembly of components at the sea or support services such us service boat with crane is no longer needed to perform this job. An easy-to-use solution that maximizes efficiency and savings.

Thumbnail image001

Aqua 1000 feed spreader washer

A completely new concept which allows you to wash the feed spreaders while still in breeding cages. This cleaning device makes it possible to wash the feed spreaders without disassembling or lifting with a crane. Efficient, cost-effective and easy to use.

Feed spreader washer Aqua 1000

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