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Nano Ice


A new generation of ice solutions

nanoICE machines have a tangible return of investment, as you can use them across every stage of the value chain. This way, they help you to preserve the freshness of your products all the way from harvest to the sales floor.

A pinnacle of ice making technology, nanoICE machines are completely automated to ensure hassle-free operation and increased reliability. These devices are managed through simple commands resulting in a “set and forget” type of machine.

Our devices are compact, versatile, and mobile with perfect energy efficiency and easy service, which allows them to operate, on board – vessels, for land based producers and processors, in-field or storage cooling, short-haul transport, and retail outlets.

Our machines have a smaller footprint combined whilst still outputting much better-quality ice which means you need less ice to achieve the same result than conventional ice machines. This translates into lower energy and less refrigerant costs on an outright basis.

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nanoICE - A Revolution in Food Preservation

nanoICE is an innovative molecular ice technology that keeps seafood fresh for longer in a gentle chilling process. NanoICE combine the unique ice solution with an outstanding machine design that is easy to use and fits multiple environments.

How nanoICE works
NanoICE creates full contact with the product surface, lowering its temperatures quicker than other conventional ice solution on the market.

  • Rapid core cooling technology
  • Limits bacterial growth and spoilage
  • Reduces shrinkage and prevents weight loss
  • Retains product appearance

nanoICE machines are scalable for use on board vessels, for land-based producers and processors, in-field or storage cooling, short-haul transport, and retail outlets.

Small, modular, and efficient, they fit various applications and output ice with adjustable consistency depending on your needs.

For more detailed information nanoICE homepage.

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Why our products

  • Quick to start
    After a simple touch of a button, you can use nanoICE in just a few minutes
  • Energy efficient
    nanoICE uses less energy and less refrigerant charge due to its smaller size and better ice output
  • Small and modular
    The outstanding design allows for small machine size with a consistent output flow
  • ROI in 18 months
    nanoICE could potentially reduce product waste by up to 15%
  • Easy to maintain
    With device troubleshooting built-in, you overcome any problems quickly and safely

Product range

NM-3201 NM-3202 NM-3204
Dimensions (in): 106.7 cm x 59.7 cm x 88.9 cm 106.7 cm x 59.7 cm x 88.9 cm 106.7 cm x 59.7 cm x 88.9 cm
Power Configuration: 230, 460V @ 50/60Hz 230, 460V @ 50/60Hz 208, 380V @ 50/60Hz
Power Usage: 7 kW 14 kW 14 kW
Number of nanoICE lines: 1 2 2
Output: 5 Tons 10 Tons 10 Tons
Maximum flow rate: 7.5 LPM (10,920 Ltr/24hr) 2 GPM (2880 G/24hr) 30 LPM (43,680 Ltr/24hr) 8 GPM (11520 G/24hr) 30 LPM (43,680 Ltr/24hr) 8 GPM (11520 G/24hr)

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